The first rule of puppy club is you don't talk about puppy club. You RAVE about it.


Welcome to September 2020. The world is new and different. We spend most of our time inside our hastily erected home offices, balancing deadlines, kids and that new puppy who has wriggled its way into our lives. Midday is approaching fast and you look forward to a stroll outside with your pup followed by a coffee and a home made lunch. But what's this?! A zoom calender invitation has found its way into your inbox inviting you to a 'lunchtime buzzword key team strategy sales marketing chin wag with the big wigs'. Sh*t. Well there go your plans.



But what of Sarah Jessica Barker and her rapidly filling bladder? It's been days since she's had a good wrestle in the park with another pup. How will she get those essential early day play sessions in? How will she learn to socialise with her peers and pick up all the special ways dogs communicate with one another? Maybe she should poop on the carpet or chew a shoe? In her head that's the only solution to boredom and a lack of stimulation.








Here comes the Puppy Club to the rescue! Held between 12-2pm Tuesdays & Thursdays, the Puppy Club is here to provide your dog with much needed stimulation and play. We will pick up your dog and bring her with us to Puppy Club HQ where she will spend an hour frolicking and capering with her companions. She will learn good group walking 'etiquette', practise her recall training and most importantly, have an absolute blast doing it.


This club is for all good boys and girls under a year old. We will conduct an individual meet and greet before induction into the club and we will carefully group them with other dogs of a similar temperament. Size is not a factor, we believe it is important for dogs to learn to interact with all shapes and sizes.


If your dog is currently displaying any anti social qualities (reactiveness, biting, human fear) we ask that you be very upfront with us so we know to be on guard. The safety and mental wellbeing of all our dogs is paramount and we will have to exclude certain dogs if they pose a threat to the group's harmony. We will gladly help guide you in your journey to correct those behaviours and we only recommend force free training methods.

There is a maximum of 5 puppies per class so email thecoopdoggydog@gmail.com to book your spot this week!